Makhanda: The town with many stories

Not only is the town a student hub, when Fridays are seen as the most anticipated day by many of those who are hard at work getting their degrees, but it is a town that has a close sense of community and its ability to make you feel like you belong. As a typical small town, you see the same friendly face around the each corner as you walk along the minimalistic mall, Pepper Grove.

As many small towns, it is indeed in need of a lot of TLC, but setting aside the abundance of potholes, the town is indeed a gem amongst gems. Growth is hindered by the lack of funding and the corruption that is rife in the local Municipality. The boutique feel that the town gives off, can attract more tourists with a little more infrastructure investment not only from the local government, but the local businesses as well.

With all the historical sites and museums that the town has to offer, one cannot help but think what else is missing, especially with the plethora of schools and a world renowned University. The need for more entertainment other than the local pubs and restaurants are needed.

One main drive of the local economy, where many people of the town make their living, is the once a year event, the National Arts Festival. The festival hosts many artists from around the country to showcase their talents that include act from the dramatic arts to visual arts and others in between. But is this one main attraction the only thing the town has to offer?

Besides this, the town has a rich history, from the settlers, to the warrior stories of the great Makhanda, to the establishment of Rhodes University. The town has the potential to be the gem of the Eastern Cape, maybe its time for new comers to come in and make it the town it deserves to be.